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Welcome Back!

Well, hello, friend. Long time no see! To say it’s been a bit of an overwhelming year is a bit of an understatement. For those who don’t follow me on Instagram, I spent this last year working on a different kind of WIP – my dissertation! I’ve been in graduate school since 2018 and this year was the last year of my Ph.D. program, meaning I was finishing my research project, collecting and analyzing data, and writing….so much writing. They aren’t kidding when they say you basically write a book. My final written dissertation was 309 pages long! But, I successfully defended my dissertation earlier this summer and am officially graduating with a doctoral degree in Health Behavior Science and Promotion this month. Yay!

Because of that, crochet took a back seat most of this last year. I barely had the energy or time to pick up my hooks, let alone play around with new designs or write new blog posts. It didn’t stop me from having new ideas though, just from working on them. But don’t worry – I wrote them all down so I wouldn’t forget and now I have approximately 7,920,194,547,960 new designs to work on for every type of project imaginable from beanies, to ear warmers, to garments, bags, housewares, blankets, shawls, and more.

So what does that mean going forward? Well, I’m certainly not short on ideas, so if you enjoy my designs, I have plenty of things coming up for you! First up will be my first garment design, the Rustic Summer Tee, currently in testing and due out in just a couple of weeks. Following that, I have several beanie patterns, because those are my favorite to design and make. Make sure to follow my Instagram account if you are interested in applying for upcoming pattern tests and sign up for my email newsletter to know when new designs are released! Email subscribers also get an additional discount on all new releases.

Rustic Summer Tee
(Releasing the end of August)
Riptide in the Round Beanie
(Releasing in September)

I’m also taking a break before jumping into the job market so for the fall I plan on playing full-time blogger and content creator as a fun interlude before going back to the “real world”. I’m working on a plan to bring you not only free patterns, but also stitch tutorials, yarn recommendations, insider information, and lots more. I can’t wait!

Happy stitching, and see you soon!

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